Overcoming Missed Opportunities With Heartland Bowhunter’s Shawn Luchtel

January 12, 2022 By: NDA Staff

Swing and a miss! It happens to even the most experienced hunters and skilled shooters and not coming through at the moment of truth at some point in a hunting career is inevitable. Being able to recover quickly from these major disappointments is important so that the next opportunity can be taken advantage of.

In this episode, Nick and The Doctor are joined by Heartland Bowhunter co-owner and personality Shawn Luchtel about the matter of missing and what he does to refocus after it happens. He also shares his pre-shot routine that helps him control adrenaline and improve his chances of hitting the mark. Shawn tells the story of one of his most memorable misses, and how that fateful moment still sticks with him today.

Also discussed in this episode is the evolution of the Heartland Bowhunter television show, and their web-based shows Behind the Draw and Full Strut. In addition to the interview, our hosts tackle a couple new “Ask NDA Anything” questions. To submit your question, please email Nick Pinizzotto at nick@deerassociation.blackbaudwp.com.

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